With a lot of costumes, wether they are replicas or our own designs, we create a matching bag. There are bags in the style of the costume, because they have the same colours or texture as the costume, or sometimes they go with the theme of a costume, like a certain animal or flower.

We made bags in the shape of a frog, a swan, a raven and a young deer but also in the shape of a red rose of a crescent moon with moths.

Everything is possible; we make the bags on commission too so if you happen to have an amazing idea for a bag, feel free to send us a message! Contact us or send an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Animal bags
In the movie the Hobbit by Peter Jackson, elven king Thranduil rides a proud animal, an enormous prehistoric Irish elk that supports him during the battle he has to endure during the last part. The gigantic antlers of this beast also decorate his throne. This majestic animal and our love of prehistoric life inspired us to design and make an endearing young version of the elk to go with the silver coat replica of Thranduil. His name is Elkie.

On his back is a zipper that leads to his silver lining. There’s enough space for a wallet and lunch, so even as a calf it can still be a support for his kingly owner.

This unusual bag is made of an iron wire and paper maché frame, that is lined with a beautiful type of faux fur that is composed of many layers of colour, which gave a nice effect when we trimmed some of his hairs. The hooves and the nose are made of painted clay and the eyes are hand-made, using glass cabochons. The result is a convincing little animal, that looks up from the ground, enticing people to pet him.

The animal can be carried under the arm or a belt can be attached to his leather harness. It will attract a lot of spectators when it’s grazing along the river.

For the customer whos asked us to make her a matching bag with her Frog Princess dress, we could only think of one thing: a lovely frog for her to carry around, that would make the picture complete. We started with a frame of iron wire and cardboard, filled it up an lined it with green velours and on the inside of the mouth pink satin. Complete with hand-made eyes, a tongue and a little crown on its head, the frog is nice company that will follow his princess anywhere.

For another customer, who asked us to make her a Raven dress for a character she is writing about, a bag in the shape of a raven was perfect. With its leather beak, legs and eyes it is a complete being that looks into the world wisely. Under his wing, a zipper leads to the lined inside an a silver chain hangs fron his back, so the bag can be carried over the shoulder.

For our own swan coat and the Ludwig II. uniforms (this king of Bavaria was known for his love of swans) we made a few swan bags. Firstly, a white swan (mute swan) with her baby. Between her wings a zipper leads to the lining of royal blue satin. Het beak and flippers are made of the fabric we used for the swan coat, a pearlecent fabric thet we finished with pearlecent embroidery thread. The rest of the swan is made of short white faux fur, which gives her a fuzzy effect. The swan baby is made of the same materials and acts as a little purse for change. Both swans have eyes made of pearlecent hotfix rhinestones. In the same style we made two loose baby swan purses, one of which has a rose and the other wears a crown, as a reference to Empress Elisabeth ‘Sisi’ of Austria and her beloved nephew king Ludwig II. of Bavaria.

The black swan, a naturally more slender and small animal, is made in the same fashion, with a black faux fur lining and two white wing tips. The beak and the flippers are black. It has a black lace shoulder strap. The baby is made of grey faux fur, with grey flippers and a grey beak made of taffeta, combined with black embroidery. Altogether, it is a happy swan family and lovely to look at. People are always very surprised to find out when they hear they are bags.
Nature bags
For the Moonlight Moth dress of our elven character Ithilwen, based on the mother of Legolas from the books of ‘the Hobbit’ and ‘the Lord of the Rings’ by J. R. R. Tolkien, we designed and made a bag in the shape of a crescent moon.

On this dress, the moon theme comes back many times, like on the belt, where the moon in all her phases is applied. On this night blue bag we put Swaroski hotfix rhinestones of various sizes, to symbolize the stars and especially the star sign ‘Butterfly’, invented by Tolkien.

Following the moth theme on the dress, there are two pairs of painted lace butterflies flying towards a full silver moon that is applied to the velvet. Painted lace flowers and a braided strap made of silver chord and beads complete the picture.

A remarkable rose bag with dew drops made of various sizes of Swarovski rhinestones, matches our replica of the red dress of Sisi from the musical Ludwig2 very well. The romantic bag is lined and has a little zipper and a silver chain for a shoulder strap.

With our design of the golden fairy dress that we made for a customer, we were asked to design a matching bag. Made of the same material, golden lamé fabric, golden lace and glitter tulle, we made a little bag that, just like the dress, has asymmetrical pickup points with flower decorations. On the shoulder strap, we attached a hand-made little butterfly that has beautiful wings, just like the fairy.
Other bags
With the replica of Elphaba’s second act dress from the musical ‘Wicked’, we made a little bag, that has a complex patchwork pattern like the bodice on one side and on the other side a layered structure, like the multi-coloured skirt. It is decorated with velvet band and sequins, like the costume. The bag is lined and has a handy little zipper.

For the Hussar uniform replica of crown prince Rudolf van Habsburg (the son of the well-know Sisi and Franz Josef of Austria) we made a fun little bag. It is a shoulder bag of white leather, decorated with the same faux fur we used for the uniform. On the shoulder strap we applied a ribbon with a traditional local flower pattern.

With the costume of Lindir the elf from movies of ‘the Hobbit’ by Peter Jackson, we made a bag shaped a bit like the coat, made of the same fabric. We lined it with the coat’s brown lining fabric and finished the rims with biais tape. The different layers of the bag are reminiscent of the many layers and shapes of the wardrobe of the elves in Rivendell. It is a modest, yet very balanced clothing style, that is deceivingly hard to repliocate, like all costume from ‘the Lord of the Rings and ‘the Hobbit’.

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