We have had the honour to design a lot of beautiful jewellery for our projects, both replicas and our own designs. Necklaces, brooches, bracelets and earrings for characters like Thranduil or his wife Ithilwen. Or for Sisi or a fairytale character. Please feel free and be inspired by our jewellery. We are more than willing to design you a unique piece.


Jewellery from The Hobbit
For our costume replicas from the Hobbit, we made elven brooches.

With the silver coat of elven king Thranduil from ‘the Hobbit, the Desolation of Smaug’ by Peter Jackson comes a beautiful silver brooch that looks like branches or the antlers of a deer, a theme that comes back often in Mirkwood, that frame a gorgeous piece of pyrite. Our replica of this beautiful jewel is built on top of an existing base. We added a lovely piece of A+ quality pyrite to the silver base after removing the original stone. For an earlier version we did the same but instead of real pyrite, we used clay to mimic the original. We painted it in the right colour to come as close to the original as posible. Both versions made quite the impression.

For the costume of Lindir the elf from ‘the Hobbit, An Unexpected Journey’, we made a brooch that follows the intricate pattern of the original silver jewel that was made for the movie. It is modelled after the bigger brooch that Elrond is wearing. Lindir is his right hand. To recreate fine silver filigree, a lot of patience is necessary, especially when one uses materials like iron wire, cardboard and two component clay. It was sanded and sprayed silver, resulting in a quite close match, making the beautiful costume of this elf complete.
Ithilwen’s jewellery
For Thranduil’s wife we already made some jewellery to match her wardrobe; A moth on her chest for the Moonlight Moth dress, that is sitting on her chest in the middle of a network of silver chains, head down. The little creature has been created with a lot of love and patience and has been detailed with the smallest features, like a proboscis (tongue that can be rolled up), feather-shaped antennas, little eyes, six legs, vains on the wings and hairs on the body. Even the underside looks natural, to give the person wearing the costume the feeling that the magic doesn’t end there.

For her other costume, the light grey coat composed of many panels, we made a different necklace, that looks like a branch, just like her brooch and crown. It could be the gift of her beloved forest.

In de broche, a beautiful piece of rough white calcite, hanging free without the use of glue, that is supported by the twisted, asymmetrical branches. Both jewels are painted with many shades of purple, brown and red.

Feminine, sharp, elegant and timeless.
Elven jewellery
For the golden fairy dress we designed a necklace and bracelet (next to wings and a circlet), that consist of golden pearls and a golden butterfly pendant filled with golden Swarovski simili rhinestones, like the circlet.

For the costume of the good fairy, that we made for the theatre group on stilts ‘Ingrallae’, we also made a necklace. Originally this head of the good fairies was supposed to have seven followers in the colours light blue, dark blue, lilac, dark purple, lime green, dark green and pink. All these colours would come back in a jewel, that we filled ourselves with Swarovski simili rhinestones. In an asymmetrical pattern these colourful rhinestones are completed with crystal coloured rhinestones, that represent the goodness and clarity of this good fairy. The light blue ball with pearlescent shine, hanging in between the pattern of silver chains, symbolizes the blue light, that the desired wooden staff, that would be fought over during the performance, radiates the moment she touches it. Furthermore, the necklace consists of three strands of rocailles in various colours and sizes. All in all a well thought out jewel for this beautiful character.

For the Warrior Elf we made a necklace to complement her sexy leather top, shoulder pieces, vambraces, belt, red skirt and cape. It is modelled after the example we based the costume on. Like the example, we used a golden heart with a pendant. We chose for a golden chain with a filigree heart, which we painted in two colours of gold. For the pendant we found a jade point, which we attached to the heart with a ring. All in all it is a jewel that matches the rest of this costume as a tough yet feminine addition.
Historically inspired jewellery
For a baroque dress we designed a necklace that would fit the style, that hints mildly to the style of Marie Antoinette. We have put a lovely picture in a cabochon and put it in a golden hanger. This hanger we attached to a cream-coloured velvet choker decorated with brown lace. The choker is decorated with flowers made of pearls to match the costume. All colours an lots of materials are also used in the costume.

For the famous star dress of Empress Elisabeth ‘Sisi’ of Austria we made a necklace and a bracelet, modelled after jewellery she actually wore. The silver necklace is composed of a few silver elements filled with Swarovski simili rhinestones. The bracelet is made of champagne-coloured pearls and a cabochon in a golden frame, with the depiction of her favourite nephew Ludwig II. of Bavaria. These kind of details complete an already very impressive dress.
Vampire jewellery
For the vampire costumes we designed or replicated, we also made some jewellery.

We designed a gorgeous necklace that was worn together with the corset dress designed by us. On a black choker, decorated with black and grey roses, Swarovski hotfix rhinestones in vaious shades of grey and black pearls, a pendant is hanging in the shape of a cabochon in a silver frame. It is hanging amidst six silver chains. In the glass cabochon, the famous musical actor Steve Barton is depicted in his role as Graf Von Krolock in the musical ‘Tanz der Vampire’. Under it, a smoke-coloured Swarovski heart pendant is hanging.

This impressive jewel can be worn with any vampire costume and can be ordered in any colour, depending on the taste of the customer.

With the replica of the vampire costume of the shepherdess from the final scene of the musical ‘Tanz der Vampire’ goes a choker, that looks torn and ruffled. We didn’t have many good pictures of it, but we succeeded in replicating it pretty well.
Jewellery by our own design
We produced jewellery to go with a few costumes designed by us. Here you can see a few items from our collection.

For our dress based on ‘Game of Thrones’ we designed a choker with a cameo and for the Rosenkavaliere dress of Sisi in de musical ‘Ludwig2’ two earrings and a necklace, consisting of a double chain and silver setting for two types of red Swarovski simili rhinestones.

We also designed jewellery to go with our Frog Princess dress that would match this character and the personality of our customer. The necklace consists of a double layer of pearl strands in the colours light green and white. In the middle, an element is hanging with a green Swarovski heart, representing the frog prince that gave her his heart. Under it you can see an golden pearl, symbolizing the golden ball that the princess orders the frog to get out of the well for her.

The bracelet is composed of three strands of pearls, two of which are white and one is pink. In the middle, a cabochon is placed in a silver setting with a depiction of the sweet customer’s (and friend’s) favourite actor.
Replicas of jewellery
Below we present together all the replicas of jewellery we created:

The brooch of elven king Thranduil of Mirkwood from ‘the Hobbit’; a piece of pyrite in a lovely silver setting in the shape of braches or antlers.

The silver brooch of the elf Lindir from the same movie, that replicates the original intricate silver filigree knot.

Milady DeWinter’s necklace from the BBC series ‘Three Musketeers’. Made of a choker with fine lace and a silver pendant in the shape of a heart.

The ruffled choker that belongs to the vampire shepherdess from ‘Tanz der Vampire’.

Finally, the heart-shaped pendant with jade that goes with the Warrior Elf costume.

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