The Lord of the Rings has always been a huge source of inspiration for us. When Peter Jackson’s the Hobbit trilogy came out we were more than happy. We were not disappointed; there were heaps of gorgeous costumes for us to enjoy! The wondrous worlds of the elves, humans and dwarves, amazing! So detailed and well thouht-out. Of course we wanted to replicate costumes from these movies. Enjoy with us the various costumes that we made replicas of, like the ones from Thranduil, Legolas en Lindir. We have also designed costumes that are inspired by Lord of the Rings & The Hobbit.


Thranduil, King of Mirkwood
Thranduil, such a beautiful and inspiring character. Weta Workshop has yet again made a gorgeous design that inspired us to make a replica of Thranduil’s well-known coat from the intense scene with his adversary Thorin Oakenshield.

Firstly we made the costume of a wrinkeled antracite fabric that we painted in different ways to achieve the same depth as the original fabric. The pattern in itself was a challenge to draw, but a very fun one. We were very pleased with the result of this version, but after a while we found a fabric that matched the original even better, beacuse it has silver and a bit of gold in it, like the original. So we decided to make a second version to make an even better replica of the coat. We also dyed and painted this fabric for a better effect.

Someone who actually worked on this very coat told us that our replica is a very good one and that the costume is constructed in the right way. That is of course a very big compliment that we value a lot; we wanted to honour both the design and the character that wears it.

The coat (consisting of 33 parts) contains piping between all pattern parts and is lined with a brownish blue fabric, just like in the movie. Of course Thranduil is not complete without his brooch on the coat, boots and his wig with crown. The basis of the brooch hasn’t been made by us, but we adapted the stone by replacing it with a real piece of pyrite (like in the movie) that looks a lot like the original. The boots have been painted grey and we made skai-leather boot covers to replicate the specific shape of Thranduil’s boots.

A lot of love (and work) also went in our crown replica. This wooden crown, that is covered in Autumn leaves and berries, is constructed of iron wire and two-component clay and painted using different techniques, to create an effect to make it look like real wood. The leaves and berries are also painted by us to make them looks more like the original. The crown is attached to a wig that has been cut and styled like the one in the movie.

All in all this has been a project that we are very proud and that we have put a lot of time, attention and love into. This costume was no commission and is worn here by Anja.

Next to Thranduil, we have also made a Legolas replica and we designed a concept of his wife, whom we named Ithilwen. Her wardrobe goed very well with his, with minor differences. Feel welcome to take a look at Ithilwen’s page.
Legolas Green Leaf, Prince of Mirkwood
Legolas, the well-known elf from the Lord of the Rings and of course The Hobbit.

We are very happy with director Peter Jackson’s decision to bring Legolas in the story (since he isn’t in the book). He lives in Mirkwood, so we thought it made sense.

Weta Workshop made some exquisit costumes for this trilogy again. We were inspired so much that we decided to replicate some of Legolas’s costumes. We combined his travelling attire with his Mirkwood armour.

In the meantime we had acquired some experience with leather and we found the perfect greenish colour. On a picture of Legolas in Laketown you can see various shades of green so we decided to go with those colours. The original is made out of deer leather, but unfortunately we couldn’t find that, so we used nice alternatives from bovine and sheep leather.

Next to a tunic made out of leather we also made leather boots, vambraces, belts and shoulder/torso protection. The belts have buckles that are created from iron wire and two-component clay. The belts and vambraces are made of saddle leather that we cut and painted ourselves. The boots are made of the same leather that the tunic is made of. The chest-/shoulder piece consists of dozens of leaf-shaped pieces of leather, that have each been worked and painted by hand. The shoulder protection is constructed of various pieces of worked and painted leather.

The real hair wig is made by Michel van Oostveen. To have an even more perfect result, we even molded our own ears to make our own elven ears. A picture is worth a thousand words, so please take a look at the result! We are very proud of our replica.

This costume was no commission and is worn by Paul.
Lindir, Rivendell Elf
For the connaisseurs among you, Lindir is an elf in Lord of the Rings as well as The Hobbit. Lindir is an elf from Rivendell and his costume became a new challenge for us to sew.

After extensive research it turned out to have a particular cut that you don’t see to often and like with most costumes from this type of movie, it was hard to find matching fabrics. Yet we found a beautiful jacquard-type fabric, a lucky strike on the marketplace. A navy fabric with a bit of a brown structure in it and next to that a wonderful red-brown velvet.

We were able to talk over our sketch for the costume with somebody that helped sew costumes in the Hobbit trilogy and it turned out to be right! Of course we were elated about that.

Lindir doesn’t only have a beautiful costume, but also special buttons, a brooch, fibulas on the shoulders of his cape and a circlet. We have replicated these with iron wire, two-component clay and silver paint. The buttons we have made too, because nothing looked enough like the original. The wig has been styled and braided to look like Lindir’s wig.

This costume wasn’t a commission and is worn by Anja.

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