Phantom of the Opera; one of the first musicals our studio loved. The name of our studio, Phantasma, is, among other things, based on Erik, the phantom (‘phantasma’ in ancient Greek) of the opera. People are wrongly being judged by their looks, just like Erik. We think that everyone is human to begin with, has the right to exist and deserves to feel beautiful. For more information about our studio and the name, click here. This production is so inspiring, great and overwhelming; the story is special, epic and touching. The costumes are so detailed and have been designed so beautifully by Maria Björnson; we are great admirers of her work. The well-known story of the phantom of the opera and his Christine Daaé will always attract us immensely. Below, you can find many of our replicas.


The Star Princess
An impressive costume, the Masquerade costume of Christine Daaé.

Maria Björnson designed this Star Princess bearing in mind the sunset with a sky turning from pink to blue. There are different versions, every production is a little bit different, but it always comes down to poofy sleeves, a bodice that will go from pink to blue, a skirt consisting of many layers and an extensive petticoat and, on top of the skirt, many strands of beads with stars. On the bodice you can find a lot of beadwork too.

Phantom of the Opera costumes are always highly detailed and this makes them time-consuming yet stunningly beautiful! Our version is based on the Dutch verion, as worn by Joke de Kruijf as Christine. The petticoat goes from dark blue to light blue to white and is covered with over ten layers of skirt.

Long strands of beads embellish the skirt with stars, consisting of fabric stars put together, decorated with high quality rhinestones. The strands of beads, which can be found both on the skirt and on the bodice, are made with Swarovksi beads, beautiful glass beads and some (high quality) plastic beads to make them less heavy and expensive.

The bodice is painted by the lovely professionals of Zijdar; in the meantime we are learning to paint silk ourselves too.

The frills on the bodice are made of satin strips painted by us and decorated with various laces and ribbons, like the sleeves. Strands of beads over the shoulders finish off the beautiful composition. Next to that, we also painted boots to make them look like the original and made a mask ans crown. We used the same stars and beads for the crown and mask as the ones we used for the costume.
The Aminta costume
An exciting costume, in which Christine discovers her seductive and sensual side in the song she sings with the lead role, who in the end turns out to be the phantom.

We thought it was a nice challenge to make this costume. The pattern alone was a puzzle to make, since it has a relocated breast seam. Like with other replicas, but especially with Phantom ones, it is quite difficult to find fabrics that look alike ánd are affordable.

For Aminta we chose to cut out lace, reattach it in a certain fashion and place it on the scalloped frills of the skirt. The skirts consists of five layers that are longer the lower they are placed on the skirt, so we had to make dozens of metres. The front of the skirt consists of two layers, one black with golden stitchings and the other black lace. The bodice is made of the same fabrics as the skirt. We used many little fabric roses, ribbon, tassels, lace and trimmings to decorate the costume.

The flowers on the front of the bodice are pieces of lace and painted to fit the Spanish style if the Aminta costume. White with golden lace decorate the inside of the sleeves and the same black lace decorations that are on the skirt are on the scalloped sleeves too.
The Wishing Gown
The gorgeous dress Christine wears when she sings the iconic song ‘Wishing you were somehow here again’. The dress is based on Victorian fashion.

We have by now sewn three versions of this dress; one for ourselves and two for customers.

For the first version we used quilt fabric with stripes, which is different from the original fabric (which is very hard to find).

For the second version we found a different fabric too, with kind of a blue batik pattern to create the same look & feel.

For the third version we were able to have the original pattern print on fabric. This is very expensive but of course gives a marvellous result.

In all three versions there’s a lot of tassel trim with two ribbons applied on it. The skirt is embellished with a big bow that is decorated with the same trim. A spectacular part of the dress is the so-called waterfall bustle. By folding a pattern part in a certain way this special shape can be achieved. The rim of the bustle is also decorated with the same trim, just like the side panels of the skirt.

On the sleeves, neckline and the bodice (front panel), hand-embroidered velvet panels can be found. The front panel is decorated with ribbon and lace. The bow is made of the same fabric as the inside of the waterfall bustle and the cape.

The bodice is a challenge to draw a pattern of and the fabric is used in different ways. The sleeves and the bodice are decorated with the tassel trim. Pleaded and lace sleeves are attached to the sleeves. These pleads can be found also on the apron and the skirt.

Like we said before, Phantom costumes are highly detailed and thus very time-consuming. But oh so beautiful! All three versions include capes with the famous red scarf the her lover Raoul once rescued from the water for her.
The Slavegirl costume
At the beginning of the musical, the rehearsals of the opera ‘Hannibal’ start. We get to know Christine in the dancing ensemble, where she wears the so-called ‘Slavegirl’ costume.

The costume consists of a richly decorated corset with red and green velvet panels, to which a belt is attached with many decorations and a rope skirt in various colours and beads on the front. The bodice is made of dark green and red velvet that are seperated by high quality trims of gold that are applied both straight and folded.

On the front we applied an impressive golden application that we built on a black basis with pieces of lace, sequins, many beads and red and green rhinestones (both Swarovski and other high quality elements like Gütermann golden rocailles).

The strands of beads over the arms are made of beautiful quality gold yellow, green and red glass beads from the Czech Republic. They ensure an intense effect, especially when the sun shines on them.

The customer wanted to have a laced corset back on this costume. The belt is made of black velvet, also decorated with lace, beads and sequins. On the front and the back of the belt there’s a similar application as the one on the bodice, constructed from a black basis with various applications, sequins, beads and rhinestones. Three colours of rope (red, green and black) alternate and on the front there’s a different part, exactly under the belt application. Next to golden ropes there’s strands of Czech glass beads (like the ones on the bodice) in gold yellow, green and red. Here, different sizes are used.

We are very proud of our version of the ‘Slavegirl’ costume, which is worn here by Sanne in a gracious manner.
The Dressing Gown
Christine Daaé’s white Dressing Gown is a kind of luxurious robe she puts on after her performance in Hannibal and hears the phantom. This is the famous scène where she ultimately follows the phantom through the mirror and sings the sings the well-known title song ‘Phantom of the Opera’.

The refined white costume is embellished with frills and lace and is very elegant. We have made three different versions of this costume already. Each time a lovely challenge!

Among other things, there’s differences in the belts, two versions have a simple belt like early West End versions and the other one has a more elaborate belt with applications.

We always use a beautiful white or cream-coloured jacquard-like fabric of which we wrinkle many metres together with layers of lace. The edges are trimmed with scalloped lace.

Nice detail; the Dressing Gown was our very first commission in 2011. The customer became a very good friend after that, now isn’t that the best job in the world!
The mask of the Red Death
The Red Death costume, a very impressive costume that is worn by the phantom in the Masquerade scene.

This skull-shaped mask is very special, since it has a moveable jaw. We have already made three by now and still we sometimes have people ask for this mask.

We have produced different versions; based on the 25th Anniversary edition, worn by Ramin Karimloo playing the phantom, a Broadway and a West End version.

There were also different preferences with regard to the colour of the masks. This resulted in three different masks, but each with an equal amount of detail. It is a time-consuming job to make it; the mask is made to size using a plaster cast of the face of the customer. After that it is re-enforced, built up and shaped in clay, sanded, painted in many layers, covered on the inside with black velvet and of course the working mechanism of the jaw so it can move when wearing it.

All in all it’s a complex part of the costume, but one which finishes off the costume as a total.
Christine Daaé Masquerade ball gown movie version
Our second costume on commission; the dress of Christine in the Masquerade scene. Not the musical version, but the movie version from 2004.

This pink ball gown is decorated with roses and looks impressive. We have made it with a lot of joy. We have made the dress, the mask, the gloves and customized the wig with extra hair and hair decorations.

The bodice is embellished white/pink lace, white lace and white tulle, on which little roses are aplied that we painted to fit with the rest of the dress. Their leaves we made ouf of mesh fabric. One rosebud is attached to the side of the bodice. On the back of the bodice you can find a tiny flower arrangement.

The skirt is an impressive appearance with a pickup backside with flower arrangements made of beautiful tea roses. The layer of tulle over the skirt is embellished with Swarovski rhinestones. There’s a beautiful train attached with a flower arrangement and a big coral bow. A plissé rim comes up from under the hem of the skirt.

We removed a part of the gloves and replaced it with elastic lace to match the original. We used the same type of roses on the mask and the hair decorations as we used on the dress. The mask has quite the specific shape, that’s why we made it ourselves, painted it and embellished it with lace, ribbon and Swarovski rhinestones.

The gorgeous girl who wears the dress is just as lovely and elegant as Christine in the movie.

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